I'm Dr. Gates!
I am a general
practitioner from
both the clinical
and laboratory
perspective.  So,
having said this, I
take ALL comers
in medicine as
they relate to
matters from a
standpoint as
well as assisting patients with the management of acute, sub-acute, and chronic illness, along with,
the prevention of certain types of illnesses/diseases. For the better part of my medical career as a
community-based physician, I practiced Diagnostic Medicine.  But, what I found
by doing this was the fact that I was buying into the idea of "sick-care" or essentially waiting for
someone to become ill, suffer from disease or even die, before diagnosing diseases or illnesses. That's
expensive, and essentially does not contribute to the wholeness of mankind in a productive way.  I
recognize that PREVENTATIVE
AND MAINTENANCE CARE on the other, hand is the mainstay in  making a difference to the
betterment of our health care system.  It reduces cost for health care in general, improves the  
quality of care and really SAVES LIVES.

I decided to take this directly to the people/patient/public, as a result of years of not being effective
in communicating to my physician colleagues.  In my opinion, most physicians are either
brain-washed into practicing SICK CARE or do it for financial success, at the expense of sick  
patients.  AND, That's NOT ME!
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